Sunday, March 9, 2008

So Raise Your Pinkie! Pip pip, Cheerio!

I have been working on the Cozy. It's means to an end. Looks pretty good, too!

My question long do I make this thing? This is one ball of yarn's worth of Cozy. I have one more ball. Do you think I should use it all up? Giving my motivational issues, I'm tempted to make it long enough to reach from fingertip to fingertip and then call it a day. What do you think?

Ah. Now this is what I really want to be knitting. A cute little teaset in springy colors and COTTON! I can just about finish a piece in a sitting so it's very satisfying after slogging away on the Cozy.

Now, do you take one lump or two?


T. said...

1 lump thank you very much.

And I'd do tip to tip.

Then throw the rest of the yarn away.

adrienne said...

knit up ALL the yarn!

feeling a little bit "wicked" today **grin**

Suzanne said...

I would knit up all the yarn but that is just me. It doesn't look like it would be overly long with all the yarn

monkey-butter22 said...

I don't know yet how long mine will be...not much longer if I never work on it. I'll probably go tip to tip as well. Let me know how that works out willya?


Amanda said...

Knit it all up! If you run out of steam you can stop anywhere. It looks great so far.