Saturday, March 22, 2008


My dear husband and I had a little bit of a reprieve last night. The boys went to their Popa and Grandma's for a sleep over. We went out for dinner with some people Jeff knows from work; they had invited us over to their place.

I have to be honest, I was NOT looking forward to it. I'm not so good at small talk. I don't like meeting new people (J. says that I have a loathing for the general public - it must stem from that). These are people Jeff knows and I've met once, 2 years ago. I could have thought of a lot better things to do with our night off. But, being the dutiful wife that I am (no laughing), I went, with a smile on.

It started off well. Wine, lots of good wine, followed by an amazing dinner. Then I mentioned something about being at a knitting store recently, and you won't believe what happened next. I found out that the lovely lady is a knitter. Seriously? We had knitting show and tell, we discussed Elizabeth Zimmermann, I introduced her to Ravelry. It made conversation easy and the boys could talk "shop" without feeling too guilty. All in all, a suprisingly fun night.

You gotta love knitters.


J. said...

WOW! You really lucked out!

andi said...

Loathing for the general public? Ha! I laughed at that one - I may have to steal it from you in the future.

Glad it all worked out. Once again a knitter saved the day!

Anonymous said...

You didn't just have your knitting out as soon as you sit down? That's what I do, introduced someone at my WHMIS course to Rav.

I hate people too,that my friend, is the beauty of a warehouse job. You just need to deal with creepy old couriers that try to hug you.


catknip said...

A closet knitter eh? Good thing you were there to attand to that.