Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have finished up a pair of socks that I was hoping would put me in mind of spring.

(It's my own crazy design in my own crazy hand-dyed yarn. Fun if a tad wacky.)

Unfortunately, our weather is anything but April showers. So, instead of going for walks with the Princess and the Dude, or playing in the yard or at the park, I've been doing moss stitch. You heard me. Moss stitch is basically rows of k1, p1 in an alternating fashion. It isn't my favorite but it makes good TV knitting. I've completed the back the one of the fronts of the Minimalist Cardigan in the most luscious of yarns. I don't knit this in front of T. for fear of having the yarn snatched from my hands. It wasn't an economical purchase but it was worth every penny. The sheen and the softness are a joy to knit and the drape of the knitted fabric is devine.

I'm hoping to have this number finished pretty soon to add to my modest maternity wardrobe. It turns out if you're knocked up, you should only be able to wear pants in funny fabrics and shirts that look like tents. So not only do you have to deal with the idea that gaining weight is a good thing, after spending most of my life striving (and failing) to waste away in that fashionably waif-like way. It turns out that a blossoming (and I use the term loosely) belly can only be shrouded in bright prints or ill-fitting t-shirts. It's a good thing I'm a getting a kid out of it, or it totally wouldn't be worth it.


peaceangel said...

I have to agree, maternity clothing usually leaves something to be desired. Have you tried Old Navy? They seem to have a pretty decent selection of normal looking maternity clothes. Your Minimalist Cardigan looks sooo super nice, much nicer then it did in the mag.
Oh, and because I didn't comment earilier...Congratulations on your upcoming baby.

T. said...

Yeah - maternity wear is the worst. And I don't choose to wear floral prints when I'm not pregnant, why would I choose to wear them when I was??? Yuck.
Nice cardi by the way.

Jill said...

Looking at the pictures of my mom when she was pregnant would definatly make you feel better. Its a good thing she's a good sport about it all!

I've noticed lots of patterns on the Rav for maternity where, although I think if I had cause to knit that sort of thing, my baby would be in preschool by the time it was done...

(sorry, wordy tonight, sweater looks fab)

Emily said...

Sorry your spring hasn't sprung - but I like your spring knits!

moosh in indy. said...

For some reason tonight all the blogs I'm discovering are knitters, it's as if the universe is telling me something.
(I'd like to tell it "I ONLY WISH I WERE A KNITTER!")

Anonymous said...
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andi said...

Oh, c'mon! How can you say a tent isn't flattering? :)

The worst part of it is that now that I don't have to wear fugly maternity wear, the regular clothes are getting all maternity-esque. So annoying!

At least you will look super cute sporting your new cardi.