Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting Organized

I've felt a little out of sorts in terms of my knitting. I usually have the next several projects all planned out. I know what yarn I'll use. I've probably even bought it. The last little while I've just been knitting things on a whim.

No more, Gentle Reader. I am going to get my act together. Why, you may ask? Well, I have 3 big deadlines.

The Big Girl, as she prefers to be called, with be turning 2 next Saturday. The teaset is progressing.

I have to finish one cup, one saucer, one creamer and one teapot with lid. Should be manageable barring any unforeseen knitting related injuries.

The second is my Sister's wedding in August. A long time ago, I thought it would be a great idea to knit her a wedding shawl. And one for myself, cause I deserve it. No problem. I have a year to prepare. I bought just the right laceweight, I found a pattern or two. But lace takes time, so I should really turn my mind to reading charts and slipping markers.

The third is October which marks the arrival of Kid #2. (I need a better nickname for this one. Leave your ideas in the comments.) I have some baby knitting planned for the coming months. Fortunately, baby knits are small and quick to knit. Our friends are having a baby a couple of weeks after us. (And no, we didn't plan it. The Dude and I like to keep our reproductive life private, thank you.) I'm sure I'll be able to make a little something for our baby's friend.

I did manage to finish these socks.

They were fairly quick and very interesting. I enjoyed the pattern and would likely make them again but perhaps in a different color. Green isn't really my thing but I'll wear them anyway. It's the closest thing I've got to Spring.


T. said...

Do you got a list made with timelines??? (ya, I know you do).

I think we should call Baby #2 Roo. Because you used to call the princess "Piglet" and "Roo" fits in with the Winnie the Pooh theme.

Jill said...

I knew someone who called they're baby "cubby" because at that point, the photo looked like a gummy bear....

Ordered some KP to do a toddler blanket...needs to be done May 9, hope the yarn gets here fast...

catknip said...

I know someone who called their baby Mr. Fetus. Turns out it was a girl.

andi said...

I always refer to babies in-utero as the Cuddly Fetus. Not too cute, I know. I like Teri's idea of Roo.