Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And the winner is....

....Metta. Our friend from Sweden. She was the only one who got them all correct!! Nice work.

For those of you who need to do some remedial work, these were the correct responses:

1. What happened to T's Mystery stole?

- it was, unfortunately, frogged. For the non-knitters that means it was ripped. a. part. stitch. by. stitch. It's called "frogging" because you "rippit, rippit".

2. How many pairs of socks did J. knit for Christmas?

- 14 freakin' pairs of socks.

3. What does T. refer to her kids as?

- in the most loving way possible, Punky and Stinky.

4. What did J. make her dude for their 7th anniversary?

- a lovely blue scarf in alpaca (the socks were for Christmas)

5. What did T. do with her finished Hanami?

- she gave it to her sister

6. How many kids does J. have?

- one not-so-little Princess and one ever-growing in the incubator (what are we referring to the baby #2 as....)

7. How many objects have hit T's frog pond?

- 5 (approximately) - I am not giving the links because it's just depressing.

8. What do T & J do to make money to buy yarn?

- well, we'd like to say we have rich husbands who support our habit, but really, we are pharmacists

9. What yarn does T liken to crack?

- oh ma gawd, the Seasilk

10. What are T&J's real names?

- Titiana and Jose of course!!! (well, maybe we should change are names - Titiana and Jose sound much more worldly than Teri and Joline....)

Thanks for playing. And here's to a new year of blogging.


Amanda said...

May you both have many more years of happy blogging and knitting.

Metta said...

I was really surprised when I saw your comment on my blog telling me I was the winner. Thank you.

I hope you will continue with your blogging and knitting for many more years.

andi said...

Yay for Metta! Darn it, I knew that anniversary one was a trick question. I really should have done more snooping of the archives before I answered.

T. said...

Andi - you weren't the only one fooled by the scarf vs. socks for the anniversary!!
We couldn't make it tooooo easy.