Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Needing a Fix

I have never been a crack addict, or a heroin addict or a drug addict of any kind, so I don't really know what it's like to "need a fix". I can only put that idea in the context of my life - and that means yarn. I know this is a big stretch, but that's my only comparator (I lead a very sheltered life).
I have been very busy on the MS3 and the yarn I'm using is quite nice - a baby alpaca that is soft and fuzzy. I'm sure for some people this yarn would do the trick. Not for me. I need something else to give me that buzz.

The other day I pulled out my Tuscany which has been way-laid while I maneuver through MS3. I realized that I could get my fix - from Seasilk. Oh my goodness. Ahhhhhh. I have never worked with yarn quite that fabulous. It is truly the most beautiful to touch and the most beautiful to behold of all my stash. Just look at the sheen:

It sparkles. And the colorway screams "T". So everyday, I get a little fix. Just a repeat or two to keep me going. I can control it though - it's not like I have to knit with it. It's not contolling me. Really.

I got another fix last night at SnB. The little baby fix - all snuggly and cuddly and sniffy and Ahhhh...beautiful. But just a little fix - that puts me right in my mind - NO more babies in this house. On J's next post she'll have some darn cute pics of the little man who came to his first SnB. You can read about his antics along with his big sis here.

Oh, my Seasilk is calling me. Better run. I'm sure just a couple of rows and I'll feel good. I need to go get my fix.

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J. said...

I love the Seasilk, too. I mean LOVE. Just wait til you get to WEAR it! AHHHHH!