Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Retro Knitting

My Grandma recently moved into a new place. She's needing more and more help, so the family decided to move her. While cleaning out her old place, the 4 daughters split most of the "good stuff". My Mom kindly passed on some beautiful things - like some teacups (I have a nice little collection, all from my Grandma) and some of Grandma's old knitting things. I actually never remember seeing my Grandma knit, but supposedly she did. I know (and remember) her doing a lot of sewing, but never knitting.

As I'm the only one of her grandchildren who knits, I got anything related to knitting. There really wasn't much left, mostly magazines and some massive balls of Red Heart Acrylic. A lot of the magazines are from the 70s and 80s; good for a laugh or two, but the piece de resistance is a Monarch Yarn knitting magazine from 1935. It is in amazing shape and has my Grandma's writing here and there, with notes beside a couple of patterns. I love looking at it and thinking about what my Grandma knit from it. Did she make my mom anything from it? Who else did she knit for? What kinds of yarn did she use?

So, I've decided to knit something from this beautiful and memorable book for my new neice or nephew, due to arrive at the end of September (using some STR in the Autumn colorway - perfect for an autumn baby).

In Tour de France KAL news, I was almost done Clue #2 of MS3, but last night made the decision to frog and start over. So some good cycling and some bad knitting. My boyfriend (at least, that's what I call him) finished 2nd in Stage 2 and got the Green Jersey. Yeah!
And this morning an unbelievable finish by Cancellara - worked on some socks because it was just too exciting.


J. said...

You FROGGED it? Why? Why? WHY?

That makes me so sad! You're gonna have to knit like the wind (Brenda Dayne) to catch up in time for Friday's clue 3. I hope there's a few flat stages coming up. You've got me watching the tour. Not tomorrow. Wednesdays are reserved for "So You Think You Can Dance?" (Insert jazz hands here).

andi said...

What a great idea to knit something from that magazine (and not anything from the 70's and 80's ones - that is frightening stuff).