Thursday, July 12, 2007

OH MY Goodness!!

I couldn't contain my excitement and had to share it. I just received my invitation to join Ravelry and I'm SOOOOOOO excited. I can barely stand it. But it's very scary - I actually have to put down all that I'm working on (yikes) and all my stash (double yikes) for the "world" to see.

At least I know I'm in good company -- there will be way worse offenders in Ravelry than me!

Oh the fun!


J. said...

So, when are you going to invite ME?

By the way, who says you have to post everything? The world doesn't need to see your WHOLE stash, does it?

SarahJanet said...

Oh, YAY! Add me! I'm SarahJanet over there too. :)

andi said...

I am so out of the knitting loop - I hadn't even heard of this. When I get more time I'm going to work on my sucking up skills so that you may invite me. Have I mentioned lately how much I like you? :)

Charlene said...

Regarding Stash..."what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"....but that's what Ravelry's all about sharing all those intimate yarn moments ;)....I requested to be invited to Ravelry as well, so we'll see how long it takes. Have fun!