Sunday, July 8, 2007

Falling Down, Weighing In, Going on a Diet

Sometimes, a girl just needs some retail therapy. I don't just mean picking up the latest issue of InStyle. I mean NEW STUFF. So, in a spirit of contrition, I now confess to you how bad I was.

T. and I went to the yarn store on Thursday. We didn't need any yarn. We both have enough sockyarn to outfit a centipede. I'll make no excuses for our weakness. Let it be enough to say that we went. Now, on these expeditions, I always seem to get more than T. Am I weaker? Does she do it on purpose to make herself feel better? You got me. But I did come home with some really nice stuff.

Socks that Rock in Lucy. These are my colors. Blues and browns speak to me and I love this colorway. No idea what pattern I'll knit them into. Thelonius, perhaps? I'm not sure the variegated yarn will do that pattern justice. I really like my Monkey socks, so perhaps another pair? Or Coupling? Or a longer in the leg version of Vog on? I'll have to mull.

Louet Gems in Charcoal to make the Spiral Boot socks. I got charcoal so I could wear these socks with black or brown boots. I love the lacy tops on them.

I also felt that I needed new DPNs. I've been a 2.5 mm sock knitter for quite some time. I just love this size and didn't feel the need to stray. I scored some Sox Stix in 2.75 mm and some Addi sock needles in 3 mm. It's time to branch out a little. I'll let you know how the new needles perform.

And shoes. My downfall. Campers on sale. I could not resist. Cute for brown trousers or navy? I was hankering after a pair of tweedy shoes last year. Hurray for me!

I've been keeping myself occupied all week with sock knitting so I wouldn't think about how badly I've been lusting after Clue 2. I've even found myself lurking on the message boards for the MS3 to see how other people are doing and what they think the theme is. There are some pretty inventive people out there, guessing everything from Penguins to Pirates, Opera to Vintage film. I don't have any good guesses and to be honest, I don't really care what the theme turns out to be. I've been utterly enjoying this knit and I think the pattern is lovely. The theme is irrelevant to me. My husband, on the other hand, would like to offer his guesses.

1. Mickey Mouse

2. Gandalf

3. the KKK.

I take no responsibility for his guesses. They are entirely his.

And one parting shot of my honey bunny. Sometimes they're so cute, they just break your heart.

Now, no more yarn til August.


SarahJanet said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't care what the theme is. It's pretty. Good enough for me!

(It's looking great! You're way ahead of me - I'm just finishing up Clue 1.)

T. said...

I know it's bad when YOU are the voice of reason.

Phoebe said...

Your shawl is looking fabulous! I agree there are some really inventive people coming up with the guesses...glad I have the KAL on digest.

andi said...

Enough sock yarn to outfit a centipede? Priceless.

Love that Socks That Rock colorway.

And if you went to River City on Thursday, does that mean you were a good girl and skipped out on the sale on Saturday? Or are you saving that confession for another day?

J. said...

I did, in fact, skip the sale on Saturday. I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all the yarn I have lying around and I had just bought a new pair of jeans at Old Navy. But now I'm done. Really.