Friday, July 13, 2007

Have You Heard?

The third clue in the Mystery Stole 3 was posted today! Let's all get knitting lace in a cautious and thoughtful manner so that there will be no more frogging. (And might I suggest a lifeline?)
In other news...
I've turned into T. I have startitis and I've been starting new projects like nobody's business. I have FOUR, count them FOUR projects on needles. I think that's a personal record. I blame T. And the Mystery Stole. I get so caught in lace love that when I run out of rows on the current clue, I feel like I need to find a hit somewhere.

To appease this ugly side of myself, I cast on the Montego Bay Scarf from the recent issue of Interweave Knits. I'm using up the Paris Seasilk that I have leftover from my Tuscany. I just love this yarn. It's sensual in all the best ways, soft, lustrous with a scent of the sea. Sigh.

I'm also working on some man sized socks for some man sized feet. These are destined to Christmas presents and I like the blue stripes.

I've got some Regia Bamboo on my needles cause I wanted to see how the bamboo knits up. I like it but it splits easily. The colors aren't what I usually go for, a bit busy for me, but I think I'll enjoy wearing them.

I gotta finish one of these pairs of socks so I can make some Fawkes socks and maybe Bellatrix, too, in celebration of Harry Potter and the Last Book of the Series. I got some yarn from the stash that is just perfect for a girly Phoenix and a sassy Witch.

I recently finished those wildflower socks for my neice. I used some stash yarn. I like the feeling of finally using up some of that stash. Lessens the guilt of buying new stuff.

I'm happy to say that while T. and I have discussed buying new yarn and books, we have been very good about not actually doing it. Unfortunately, I have had to be the voice of reason. This is a role that I am unaccustomed to. It's a lot of pressure, People. There are some really nice yarns on SALE. Give us strength.

T. and I have recognized that we will likely go through withdrawl once the Mystery Stole has been completed. We're Pharmacists. We can see the signs. As a sort of Methadone program for knitters, we've decided to host a Hanami Knit-A-Long. We'll start in September. This gives everyone time to buy their patterns and yarn. Join us in the Fall. I think it'll be fun!!! (Hey, T.! Wanna set that up? Thanks.)


T. said...

Check out the awesome Knit-a-long link - this will be the first of many!!

andi said...

Wow. You two are knitting machines! And the picture at the top is super cute. Oh, and the scarf looks luscious.

Phoebe said...

I'm really jonesin' for the Bellatrix and Fawkes as well. Wonder what Gigi's third pattern will be?

Meg said...

Hanami...have pattern. have yarn. will try to wait until september to join you!