Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Birthday, eh!

What better way to celebrate Canada day (Happy 140th) then to have a BBQ with J. and her family. Some good steak, wine, beer and of course sitting by the pool. My boys seemed to overtake the pool area,

.....while others stood in awe and horror (they're boys, Princess, and yes, they're nuts).

J. and I compared Mystery Stole's. Mine (not surprising) is a little behind - J. is a much faster knitter and I do suffer from ADKD (attention deficit knitting disorder - the inability to concentrate on one article of knitting at a time). But I do believe they're looking good. J.'s is a Fiddlesticks yarn in white and mine is Misti Alpaca in black.

This is another reason why I'm a little slow on the shawl. Finally, my Rusted Root is done. I am really quite happy with it. I'd make it again with a few modifications. I think I'd like the sleeves to be a little poofier like on the website, but mine is a bigger size than what's shown and I think that is part of the reason.

And a close-up of the lace panel - a nice, easy patten.

All in all a great day - great food, great knitting and sharing it all with great friends.


~~R~~ said...

You have 2 cute little boys & that little girl is just adorable..I like the sweater( or should I call it a shirt) you made the lace is very nice

J. said...

Nice work. I think the Rusted Root looks really good! I wonder if it would shrink up just a tad if you washed it?

Now, get cracking on the MS3! I need someone to yap to about it!