Friday, July 27, 2007

Things I Hate

Ok - I'm trying not to be negative (no comment necessary J.) - but sometimes I just get swept up in negativity. I just have to get these things off my chest as they are currently eating away at me.

Things I Hate:

1. Cheaters. Of any type really. But right now, I really hate the cheaters in the TdF. I love the TdF. It is one of the highlights of my July. But given the events of the last few days, I'm so sick of it all. I'll still watch and I'll still be hopeful of a good win in Paris, but there will always be that little bit of doubt in the back of my mind that anyone crossing the line on the Champs is doping. That's sad.

2. Knots. In regards to knots in my balls of yarn. I frogged MS3 twice, and the last frogging resulted in some knots. I hate that. It is such a waste of good yarn. So there I will sit, trying to untangle those f*)&%*#g knots in order to spare 2m of yarn.

3. Liars. At least those liars who park in the Moms & Tots parking when they are neither a Mom, nor have a Tot. Seriously. Few things throw me over the edge like this one. The other day I actually stood in front of one of those parking signs and pointed at it very vigorously while someone (neither a Mom nor a Tot) pulled out of the spot. Not my finest moment.

It's been a rough week. Between the cheaters, some knots and some liars, I need some good yarn therapy.

Like this - beautiful EZ Baby Leggings in my new favorite yarn - Socks that Rock. I absolutely love the color.

Or how about also makes me happy (after a rocky start). My MS3 is progressing beautifully.

And lastly, a couple more things that make me happy (non-yarn related).

Flowers from my garden

I also lucked out and won an air conditioning unit today from a local radio station - seriously!! That makes me happy.

And my 2 boys. They always (well, almost always) make me happy.

Oh, do I feel better.


J. said...

I hate them cheating, lying knots!

So tell me how you won this AC unit and what you're going to do with it considering you have central AC.

P.S. Try and jump on the happy wagon, it's Friday!

andi said...

I hate all those things too. And good for you getting all pissy about the jerk parking in the mom and tots spot. Those people are just bastards.

I love those red flowers in the second picture, but I always forget what they're called. So pretty.

I cannot believe you won an air conditioner from Sonic! I've been tempted to buy one as our house is insanely hot. Stupid heat wave.

Have a nice cool weekend with your cute boys and hopefully I'll see you on Monday. :)

T. said...

They're strawflowers - they feel like they're already dried.

Hope you and Mr. Arlo make it Monday.

Janis said...

You are right on with those hated things - ugh! But the lovely flowers and lovely lads make up for those irritants, n'est-ce pas? Great pix -
enjoy your AC. (And thanks for creating the Hanami knit-along!)

T. said...

Mais oui Janis - lovely flowers and lovely boys do make it all better!!