Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Expectation, Contemplation, Anticipation

Oh, Mystery Stole 3! You have you wrapped in your lacy web of gossamer gorgeousness...I am completely enchanted with you and would knit only you. You alone.

Unfortunately, I only get 50 rows of you each week. Where are you the rest of the time? Are you cheating on me with someone brave enough to use beads? I can change! If only I could have all of you. Then I would be complete. Or you would be complete. Either way, the waiting would be over.

So while I pine for you, I must distract myself. This bamboo sock means nothing to me. Nothing, I say! You can tell that by how little it has progressed in our time apart.

And this blue stripy thing? Just a little stocking stitch to pass the time. It means nothing to me, I swear!

I keep trying new things to get you out of my mind. Perhaps a book to sway me from your hold. Or something new to take the edge off...

In my heart, I know that there is you and no other. At least until early September when the stars promise to ease my yearning.


T. said...

You little two-timer, or is it three-timer....busy, busy girl.

Phoebe said...

MS3 is lookin' mighty fine! Boy you are quick. I think that the next clue is supposed to be longer as then there is a 2 week gap between clues.