Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shawl Chic

J. and I decided to collectively do some ordering (yes we're on a diet, and yes we know it's not August yet). We checked out The Knitter for the first time and we're excited about the possibilities. We've both decided on some Zephyr for our Hanami's. I had a dream about a gold Hanami (when do you have a 'knitting problem'?? when you're starting to dream about it???) so I went with the Chrome colorway - I think it's the closest to gold I could find.

I've never actually worn a shawl. Ever. And now I have 3 on the go.
The Tuscany in Seasilk.

The MS3 in baby alpaca.

And now the Hanami in Zephyr wool/silk.

Maybe I should consider giving one away, but right now the thought of giving any one of these away gives me a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. Too much love and toil and tears (not really, but you get the picture) to give these away.

I suppose I can just start wearing a shawl everyday to work. It'll be "my thing". I'll be the pharmacist who wears a shawl. I have been referred to a number of times as the Tall Pharmacist; I think I like the Shawl-wearing Pharmacist better. I will never be cold. I will always be chic. I will be able to better hide any body-related flaws. I think it's a great idea!! Now, I just have to actually finish one....


J. said...

Good luck with that fashion goal. I think it sounds good. You might have to break down some stereotypes about knitting and grannies, but I think it could really work for you.

Maybe I'll try it myself.

andi said...

You two are killing me with the shawls. I have never knit one, but have always wanted to try, but haven't because I too have never worn one in my life. If I keep looking at all the beautiful ones you're knitting, though, I may have to make one for myself. It would look good just draped uselessly over a chair, right?

Cary said...

I followed the link to your blog from your Hanami KAL...and just had a great time reading your entries ;) You two should consider a book - LOL!

My best friend is a knitting pharmacist - I am off to tell her about your blog, too ;)

Cary at Serenity Farms

Anonymous said...

Hey T, I changed my mind. One of those shalls will work well for me. I'm sure you can part with one. Can you make a pair of sox to match it? Warmth counts. I will be a great hostess launcher.
LOL you know who (she that cannot be named on a knitting blog)