Monday, April 14, 2008

Sure signs

I have chosen to live in a place where winter takes a firm hold for endless months. I have chosen this, so I feel I cannot complain (at least, not too much). If it was unbearable, I could move. But I don't. I continue to live here, along with many other sturdy and strong, winter-hardy people. We hunker down for long months, succumbing to a horrible infliction known as "cabin fever". Then when you think you cannot take one more day....certain sightings occur.

Boys on bikes.

Plants. Green plants. Not dead brown ones.

Non-woolen knits popping up here and there.

(This is my Picovoli in a beautiful linen/cotton blend - more on that next time).

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Breathe in that air while you can, cause heck, it could snow again next week (or later today for that matter).


J. said...

Love the sweater! What is the yarn are you using? I can't place the bluey one.

And if you value your sanity, don't check the weather forecast.

catknip said...

Ah yes, the Alberta weather -sometimes you just gotta say WTF?

Amanda said...

And here I am watching the trees turn orange and red and leaves fall. And I sigh with relief - summer is finally coming to an end!

andi said...

I was practically skipping across the sidewalk this weekend as the whole neighborhood was outside. Winter is so lonely - I love the promise of spring. But yes, don't look at the forecast for the weekend. I almost cried.