Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Words

It constantly amazes us how two children who share so much of the same genetic code, can be so entirely different. Stinky is stubborn, and outgoing, and difficult, and spirited, and not at all like his older brother (not that Punky isn't difficult....). Stinky is blond haired with blue eyes, as opposed to his brown-haired, big brown-eyed brother. Stinky flashes his smile constantly at strangers (something Punky would never do....he'd rather give them a scowl). Stinky is slow to put words together and not near as verbal as the Punk. He's just different. And that's good. We could only handle one version of each.

But the words and conversations are starting to come. He has new words everyday and is trying his hardest to tell us what he wants, and definitely what he doesn't want.

Yesterday, we were in the kitchen where I was hanging out with my prize winning yarn, and I pointed at it.

Me: Hey buddy, what's this?

The Stink: Yarn.

Really. You have a vocabulary of maybe 20 words, and one of them is "yarn".

Right on.


catknip said...

how old does he have to be to start knitting?

J. said...

Good job, Grasshopper.

andi said...

I swear to god, I was going to leave the exact same comment J. left. Great minds must really think alike...

Amanda said...

Lovely to see a child being led along the truth path:)