Saturday, April 5, 2008

Out of the Loop

Literally. I'm totally out of the loop. Knitting wise and world wise. My internet connection is down. Has been for almost 48 hours. Will be for another 5 days. Don't ask how I'm posting this as it requires me to sit a certain way, hold my head a certain way and hold the computer a certain way.

Knitting wise things are slow. I'm attempting to make up for multiple trips to the frog pond last week. So it's very slow.

Until next week.....


andi said...

5 more days? What the hell? Does this have something to do with your fighting with a certain company who's name starts with T?

J. said...

My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Feel free to pop over at naptime to get your internet fix.

T. said...

Thanks ladies...I fully realize I have a strong internet addiction.

The company that starts with T is trying to make amends...we'll see. I'm not that hopeful.

Jill said...

Nothing made me happier than when I realized that I can "borrow" the internet from my mom's neighbors.

I'm having some serious issues. Started BSJ, knitted for about 6 hours, and had to rip it all out. I am not impressed.

Oh, and the company that starts with T, don't get they're T tv, it blows great big huge chunks!