Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Week in Review - Knitting Style

It's been a busy week - between birthdays, and birthday parties, and school parties, and rodeos (yes, rodeos) there hasn't been a lot of time for knitting. But, we work with what we're given. And the week consisted mostly of good things knitting related.

The good knittin' that occurred this week:

My Big-Boy's New Toque

He requested a blue and green hat (the last hat I made him was blue and green - he isn't the most imaginative child). Ta - da. Complete in less than 3 days (Ann Budd's standard hat pattern from here). And the best part was the yarn. I love this yarn. STR Heavyweight. It's so nice to work with. Luuuuv it. And I have enough left over to make matching mitts. Add that to the queue.

This is a little something for someone special for Christmas - I'm not saying what it is or for whom I'm knitting it for, as this person has taken to reading my blog (hi Mom...).

I also pulled out the Hanami again and we're making good headway with that.

Also have completed these lovely socks (No Sweat Socks in Wick).

That's the good. A pretty good showing for my knitting if I do say so myself.

Then there's the bad.

This is my MS3.

It is officially done. Frogged. Ribbit-ed. Done. And I'm ok with that. It wasn't meant to be and the yarn will turn into something better. Something more T-like. I'm ok with it (I keep telling myself this).

And this is another bad result of the week. Pulled these socks on:

and found this on the bottom:

These are Hedera's I knit myself in some Cherry Tree Hill (Earth colorway - not sure what number Earth colorway because there is more than one). I like the pattern but have never loved the yarn. It really felted up for me (even though it was superwash) and I had a hard time pulling them on. Also the colorway was kind of, well, weird. It had browns and yellows and oranges (earthy colors which I like) but that was mixed in with some steel blue and purple. When I think Earth - I don't think steel blue and purple. But, it doesn't matter. They are, or more aptly put were, the first socks I had knit for myself. Given my size 12 monstrosities, knitting socks for me are quite the endeavour (just ask J.). And now this is the result - a big gaping hole.

Alas the week has been busy, knitting and otherwise.

Did anyone notice anything.....I cast-on 2 new things.....I think I've fallen off the wagon....


J. said...

Sorry for your lost. At least it was a pair of socks that you didn't love and now you have an excuse to knit yourself new ones. After Christmas.

(Hi, Becky!)

Lauren said...

Arggg..that's too bad about your socks! It doesn't sound like you're too sad about it, but it's nothing that a grande eggnog latte on Thursday night can't cure, right?

andi said...

I discovered two holes in my favorite pair of knit socks last week! Sigh. Guess another pair isn't going to knit themselves, are they?

Anonymous said...

Hello to T. and J. Give the kids all a kiss from me and knit me something nice for
Christmas!!!! Mom