Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's so hard... NOT blog about your Christmas knitting projects.

I am dying to post about some wonderful pieces. One in particular. And I can't. Well, I could but then it would be no fun for the recipient at Christmas.

In the meantime I will bore you with my boring knitting.

My Hanami (no, it's not done).

This big blob-o-knitting (that's all the info you get. And it's knit with this.)

I started this....

And this finished object.

It's lovely but it was a pain in the butt to knit. The pattern stated to cast on 52 stitches in a DK weight yarn. Do you know how big of a circumference you get with that? About 10 inches. That's about 50% TOO SMALL for any human head - no matter how small they are. I ended up searching the pattern on Ravelry (who doesn't love Ravelry?). Someone else had knit it and had the same problem. I followed what they did (cast on 96 sts) and then converted it to knit in the round. Lucy would be so proud. It turned out ok - perhaps could have been a little longer. Just have to add the flower stamens in the middle of the flower then voila - one more Christmas gift done (the recipient of this gift doesn't read my blog as she is 17 months old).

Next up - some more covert knitting, finishing the Hanami, starting some socks for someone and then re-evaluate. How many days left till Christmas?


J. said...

33 days, but who's counting?

Good work on what I can see there. That hat turned out really well considering your knitting pattern interventions. Is any of your secret knitting for me, by chance? I can keep a secret, honest.

And I can't wait to see your finished Hanami.

catknip said...

I LOVE the hat - but I'm not 17 months old so it's obviously not for me.

andi said...

How many days? Not nearly enough. And I have a sneaking suspicion that the secret knitting is for J.

T. said...

No - I decided I'm sending Jo just good wishes and hugs for Christmas.

J. said...

Right back at ya!