Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Conversation at T's House Today

My Big Boy: Mom, what did you do at work today?

Me: Well Buddy, I did some teaching.

My Big Boy: Did you teach knitting???

Me: No Buddy, it was pharmacy stuff.

My Big Boy: Oh, pharmacy stuff.

Me: Unfortunately Buddy - that's what pays the bills.

If only I could get paid for this knittin' thing. It's a heck of a lot more entertaining than pharmacy stuff.


andi said...

That's hilarious that he thought you were teaching knitting. That's one observant boy you have.

J. said...

AH, the yarn store....

Keep the dream alive, Jack!

catknip said...

You actually could do it as a sideline (instead of belly dancing)

T. said...

Oh - I got a belly for belly dancing.

I just think it's funny he asks about my day. And that he thinks the knitting is paying the bills!