Sunday, November 4, 2007

Christmas season has officially arrived.

How do I know this? The start of my Christmas season begins with the Eggnog Latte, Starbucks style.

Pure deliciousness, spicy richness, all goodness. I love them. Love them to no end. And when they arrive at my local Starbucks I know tidings of comfort and joy.

I love Christmas. I love the preparations surrounding Christmas and the excitement building up to that day. I love the thought of my boys being so excited they can't sleep. I love being so excited I can't sleep.

This year I'm doing more knitting for Christmas than ever before. There are socks, accessories, hats, and baby sweaters. I have a few things done (check out the sock tally) but am pushing myself to get everything done. Spending so much time making something for the special people in my life is what the season is about. It's about putting something into every stitch. Good thoughts, prayers, memories and love. And I've let go of the need for the recipient to understand that. Especially the non-knitters. It's not about them or how much they like what I make (ok, it's a little bit about that, but not much). It's about me doing this for them, keeping them in mind when I'm making them their gift and really giving from the heart.

So, the countdown is truly on. I've got a lot of knitting to do. Better go get another Eggnog Latte!


Lauren said...

Eggnog lattes - so delicious! So addicting! I can't wait to enjoy eggnog lattes while knitting with you when I'm in Edmonton.

catknip said...

OK STOP! You're almost making me weepy already. Christmas always makes me emotional.

AND I'm simultaneously listening to a Lime n' Violet podcast in which their dog, PHOEBE, is mentioned. How great is that?

OK, knitting question ... when you block, do you use a specific knitting soak? Or just water? Woolite? Or other?

T. said...

I just use water - but I'm definitely no blocking expert.
With lace - I spray the water on, with sweaters, I soak it in water.

J. said...

I use water, too. It might depend on what you're blocking but I think that water is the recommended blocking agent.

I have soaked lace made of merino wool and silk. When I use Seasilk, I spray it with water.

andi said...

Mmm eggnog latte. So yummy. And I am opting out of Christmas knitting this year - too much pressure. Once again, I'll live vicariously through you and J. and all your knitting genius.

Veery said...

Came across your blog while looking for some Christmas ideas and just wanted to say I LOVE Christmas too! I am glad that I am not the only one already excited about it! :-)