Thursday, November 15, 2007


Christmas is coming! (Don't look if you don't want the gory details.) While I am glad to have had the foresight to start knitting Christmas presents early this year, I still find myself in a bit of a panic.

I have stuck with my sock knitting schedule and have only one more pair to knit once I finish these. I'm really enjoying this pattern, even though I have arsed it up twice now. (Ask T. It wasn't pretty.) It's hard to find good patterns for Men's socks. This book has a few good socks for Men, Women and Children and is one of my favorites.

It turns out that black socks don't photograph that well.

I have been chugging along on the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. The next step is to join the sleeves to the body and then I'm sailing toward one big @ss cable.

Can I be honest with you? When I get stressed about knitting or anything really, I like to make lists. I make lists of what I have left to knit. I make lists of the yarn I have. (No, T. I will not reveal how much sock yarn I have. It is a mystery best left to its own devices.) I make schedules of when I need to have things done.

Unfortunately, I often find myself adding projects to an already full knitting lineup. I could whip up a little vest or maybe one more pair of socks, right?

Who am I kidding? (Myself, actually, but that was a rhetorical question.) I can't knit anything else. I don't have the time and I don't want to drive myself crazy. (It's a short trip, believe me.) So, I have 7 projects to complete by Christmas. I'll keep you informed on my progress but you might not see details on all of them since they are gifts and should be a surprise.

Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow. I'll try my best to be honest but I have been known to be a little sneaky when under pressure.


T. said...

J - I'm sitting in my office, literally laughing my head off. You crack me up.

SEVEN more projects. You are seriously insane. But somehow I think you'll get them done.

I have 4 possibly 6 more, and I figure I'll get 2 more done.

Suzanne said...

Hee, I was at work one day thinking about all the knitting I had left to do for the holidays and I made a list, too. I then numbered each one and put where I would knit on it (work-lunch or home). I pull it out every now and then and cross something off.

One was a sweater for my nephew but I brushed that one aside with a due date of his graduation in June.

andi said...

I'm getting stressed out for you, but I'm sure you'll get it done (I'm not being an enabler, really).