Saturday, November 17, 2007

Living Vicariously....

There are many benefits to sharing a office with someone, depending on who it is of course. I have lucked out with my office mates. This one is a "keeper". The upsides to having an office mate is that you always have someone to bitch with, and someone usually has ibuprofen when needed for the mid-afternoon "what the hell is going-on" headache (we're both pharmacists - we have a plethora of drugs tucked in our office).

There are even more benefits to sharing an office with a fellow knitter.

Sharing in stash enhancements. This is Catknip's new stash acquired from a trip to Canmore's Knit and Caboodle from this lovely lady.

Actually there is more yarn in the bag at my feet (which you can't see). There was a lot of yarn. A. Lot. Of. Yarn.

And not just any kind of yarn - but really good stuff.
Manos del Uruguary in Agate and Prarie

Other than the Noro, I haven't knit with these yarns. This is some high quality stash. And because it was Catknip's birthday they gave her a ball of Makalu - a wool and recycled sari blend. Very cool.

As a fellow knitter, my office mate Catknip also never judges the size of my stash, as I never judge the size of hers. I have no comment on the fact that she keeps having to go buy new containers to put it all in. Or the fact that she has one giant container just for sock yarn (she's getting me a number on this - it's my goal to figure out how many pairs of socks can be knit from different people's stashes.....even if J. isn't giving up this info, others are....).

We've previously discussed how beneficial sharing an office is with someone who has a major swift/ball winder operation (we try and keep that thing running along).

The best of all is that I can live vicariously through her knitting as well. I am almost excited as she is when she gets new yarn or needles or patterns. We do knitting show and tell on a weekly basis. We also scare the other people in our office when we wield are mighty needles.

All we need now is a couple of rocking chairs and an espresso machine. Then our office would be perfect.

Except maybe for the fact we actually do have to work...


catknip said...

Well I'm touched but we would have to have at least 3 chairs because where would J. sit? LB could use the garden furniture.

J. said...

Thanks for thinking of me, Catknip!

I love to see what other people are knitting with. I especially like when people let me fondle their yarn. In the most innocent way, of course.

catknip said...

Your welcome to fondle mine at will.

andi said...

When I go back to work, can I rent Catknip? I've always had sucky office mates.

T. said...

Andi - I'd rent her out but she's not cheap.

catknip said...

No, I'm not cheap but well worth every penny.