Sunday, November 25, 2007


Pretty, finished objects!

I have one sock down and a good start on the next in this black pair for my Dad. I now know why I haven't knit black socks before. It's very hard to see what you're doing with small black stitches during the shortest days of the year.

I like this pattern but all the k2, p2 is starting to become tiresome. Fortunately, as with all fancy sock pattern, this will become half as bad when I turn the heel and work the sole stitches in stocking stitch. I like to think of the foot part of the sock as the home stretch. It's just a bunch of straight stuff until you hit the toe and then before you know it, your sock is done.

And my pride and joy, the Tangled Yoke. I really like it. Because it is knit on circular needles as one big piece, you can try it on as you go. This allows for a better fit, I think. And you can see that you're making progress.

I do recommend buying a little extra yarn for this one. This is how much I had left.

Who said knitting wasn't dangerous?


T. said...

Holy crap that was close! Good yarn management.

Can't wait to see it in person.

catknip said...

It will look amazing! And yes, your yarn measuring is remarkable.

andi said...

The sweater looks fantastic! I would have been freaking out with the little yarn you had left. So glad you pulled it off.

J. said...

I made a mad dash for the finish, hoping I'd make it with a little room to spare. I ended up abbreviating the collar in an effort to conserve yarn. Good thing.