Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Knitting by Numbers (the BMIPSS survey)

We all have it, but we never like to actually put a number on it. We have it hidden in multiple places, receipts still attached, hoping that if it's not all in the same place, we never actually have to admit to the size of it (or if there's a natural disaster, we might be able to make away with a portion of it). The stash.

I have tried to limit mine to my coffee table. It has 3 large baskets in in - perfect for my evening knitting time. Easily accessbile, all in one spot.

Unfortunately, some of it has migrated (perhaps multiplied???) to here....

and here....

I decided I wanted (?needed) to evaluate my sock stash. J. and I have some sock plans for 2008 (you'll just have to wait and see what they are...). So in preparation for this, I dove into the stash and pulled out all sock-related yarn, and asked myself this:

"How many pairs of socks can I knit from my stash?"

And I ask you this question too? How many can you knit?

In the Baad Medicine Informal Poll of Sock Stashes (or BMIPSS for short), we have come across a variety of different sock stash sizes, from minimally invasive (4 for andi) to severely protruding (upwards of 52 for some UNNAMED office mates). Most everyone falls somewhere between that (I can admit to 11, J. to 21. Someone we met at the Lucy Neatby workshop admitted to triple digits. Yes, triple digits).

How do you measure up? Is your stash minimally invasive - only minor intervention needed to clean it up? Or is it affecting your everyday life - protruding from every open orifice? Baad Medicine wants to know.


andi said...

Triple digits? Sweet fancy moses! That's insane.

Oh, and I want your coffee table. That looks like the perfect solution to my knitting (and toys) mess.

catknip said...

How can you knit an UNEVEN number of socks from your stash? That's why you need to keep yarn around - what if you knit it all and ended up with just ONE sock? Then the lot numbers don't match (don't even get Dennis started on that!) - it just makes sense to always have extra yarn. It's like only owning 7 pairs of undies. What if you don't feel like doing laundry one day? (sigh)

I'm sorry, I know I don't have to justify my stash to you. Love me, love my stash.

J. said...

There is no judgement here, Sister.

Lauren said...

I was feeling guilty about how much sock yarn I currently have stashed, but reading about the triple digits has made me feel much better! Thanks for that info!

T - a true clinical epidemiologist would have come up with a better acronym for your survey. I am very disappointed. What would your MSc supervisor say?

catknip said...

How about ADMIT?

BaAD Medicine Informal Poll of Sock sTashes

T. said...

I was thinking SOCK - Stash of Crazy Knitters???

Lauren said...

What about STASH - Survey To Assess Sock yarn Hoarding?