Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stocking Stitchin' My Way to Finished Projects

So as I mentioned before, I'm doing some straight forward knitting this month. I find November such a drag and I know that stocking stitch can be pretty boring but it does have some advantages:

SSA (Stocking Stitch Advantage) #1: You can watch TV and not be concerned about what is going on with the needles. This is a good thing because I like my TV time.

SSA #2: You can finish things up in a hurray. I have completed a pair of socks for Christmas. (Please see Ravelry for details. One never knows who is lurking on the blog.)
I finished up a sweater.

Ok. I confess that I knit the ribbed buttonband/shawl collar, but one could argue that ribbing isn't too far off of stocking stitch. It's just knitting and purling, really.

SSA #3: You can make a lot of progress on unfinished objects.

I've only been working on this sweater for a couple of weeks and I'm done the body to the armpits and almost half of a sleeve. Sure, this one also has some garter rib, but that's even easier than plain old k2, p2 ribbing since one row is straight knitting.

SSA #4: All of this progress will allow you to start new projects and thus keep yourself amused.

I am amused.


T. said...

She is amusing!
And good work - Lucy would be proud of your 'finishing'.

andi said...

Is she hugging the yarn? Just like mommy...