Monday, August 11, 2008

Every 4 years

I will pretty much watch any Olympic event. Dressage, water polo (it's vicious! I love it), gymnastics, trap shooting, fencing. Whatever. I will watch it.

I find my Love and I start throwing around vocabulary that we don't normally use in our house. We become experts of obscure sports (at least self-proclaimed experts) and use our new found knowledge in such ways as:

"I sure hope our men's lightweight eights can make it to the finals without having to go to the repechage."

"It sucks that our guy lost out in the epee"

"Guo and Mingxia are unbeatable in this event"

I am watching as much as I can, while participating in my Scarf Stroke event. I am almost thru my first ball of yarn. I only have 2 balls of this Handmaiden Samira silk, so when it's gone, I'm done. My lovely friend J. picked this up for me on her trip to Toronto.

The pattern is working well with the yarn, and the end result will be a gorgeous silk scarf.

As a competing Ravelete, I think of the possibility I had long ago to become an actual Olympic Athlete. Yes, it's true, I did at one time have aspirations of playing on a national team. I played on a provincial team in this event, and hoped to one day make the national team. My sister played on the national team for a few years. To be honest, our Canadian team never qualifies to participate in this Olympic event. But, it was still the closest I ever came to being an acclaimed athlete.

Any guesses on the sport?? (and I'll give you a hint - it was NOT basketball)


catknip said...

I should know this!


burnt rain said...

Ultimate Frisbee?!... I have no clue if that's in the Olympics. But it's a pretty sweet sport.

Lauren said...

My guess is volleyball (indoor), because Canada never seems to qualify for the Olympics!

Suzanne said...

Hmm, I didn't know you had to qualify. I thought you just had to make the team for the event for your Country.

I will guess Fencing or Water Polo. I actually caught the Fencing and now have a little better knowledge of what it is. Everytime they yelled out though I jumped.

Amanda said...

Canada? Mmm, swimming??
Love the scarf.