Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Princess is a Dancing Queen

Everyone loves a wedding, especially if you're the Bride's neice.

See? Three neices all looking delightful and in need of a snack.
My Princess was the star of the dance floor. She danced with her Uncle D and her Great Baba (that's my Mother's Mother, just to clarify).

She danced with her Uncle Mark who is also her Godfather and her legal counsel.

She danced with other pretty little Princesses.

She danced with the Bride. A lot.

And she danced by herself when she had tired everyone else out.

And sure we're happy for the Happy Couple but my Princess stole the show.


T. said...

Gorgeous pics!!!
And she is a dancing queen - hence the injuries. But that's part of a dancing queen's job.

Amanda said...

She is just too cute. What a little honey.

Luch said...

Adorable pictures!

dog mama said...

Looks like a rolicking good time was had by all. You are looking annoyingly unaffected by your summer pregnancy in that photo. I on the other hand feel like a sweaty rhinoceros these days, except I don't think rhinoceri sweat do they?

Metta said...

She looks very lovely, your little Princess, and I can imagine she spent a very good time on the dance floor being the Dancing Queen.