Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Little Reminders

My Stink is turning two in a couple days.


Maybe if I keep saying it, it'll actually sink in.

I'm not sad, like I thought I'd be, knowing that he's my last.

I'm thankful that we've made it. It's been, in short, a journey. I could think about the hard times he had as a baby or I can choose to think about what that baby has become.

A charmer.

A fiercely independent soul.

A mama's boy.

A little brother.

A ray of sunshine.

A stubborn, strong-willed, determined little man. (let me emphasize strong-willed).

And a little reminder of things that are gone. Those blue eyes of his are exactly the same as his great grandma's and his Popa's.

He's also a little reminder of why I knit - because nothing is as cute as a little one in his mom's hand-knits.

He's one of my three reminders of all that's important in life.

Love you my baby.


andi said...

If I were at home right now, I would come over and hit you for making me cry.

Lovely post. Sweet boy. (Can't believe he's almost two!)

J. said...

Happy Birthday, Big Guy! You've definitely grown a lot since I met you. Thank you for stopping with the screaming. I prefer it when you laugh.

Sarah said...

Lovely post - happy birthday to the little guy

catknip said...

Happy Birhtday Finn! Your pesent form me will be no sight of my dogs for the entire weekend - we know how they freak you out.

T. said...

Thanks for the BD wishes - I'll pass them on to the lucky boy!