Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Coverage

I love the Olympics. I'll watch anything. Sometimes I know the rules of the sport and sometimes I don't but I love seeing people doing their best. I cheer for the underdogs and scowl at cocky winners.

In my own pursuit of excellence, I have completed one of my events. This little hat was knit up for the Baby Dressage and will be much worn by the little person in waiting.

I used some cotton/silk I had bought months ago and it's very soft and cozy.

In the Sockput, I have completed one sock and am picking away at the second. Due to family events and a busy schedule, this project is taking longer than I had hoped but I'm making progress none the less.

I'm looking forward to watching some track and field events this week. There might even be some diving. (Those divers know how to work a Speedo, don't you think?)

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T. said...

Hello Alexandre Despatie - hello Speedo.