Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Eye of the Storm

It is so rare that the Dude and I can take the Princess and escape our lives for a few days. Work and life seem to intervene and it just never happens. That's why the last few days were so precious.

We swam.

We rode on gandolas

to the top of mountains.

We looked at waterfalls

and threw rocks.

We visited a lake

and threw rocks.

Every year I would travel to the mountains with my family and I have pictures of myself at this age riding in a gondola, walking in the mountains, being a kid. I'm glad we can make time to share this with our daughter.

We even went to a zoo and met a baby elephant

and a baby giraffe.

Someone rode a train all by herself.

We ate ice cream and Greek food. We snuggled by a fire and roasted marshmallows.

I even knit a bit.

These are my Ravelympics project. I am designing and knitting a pair of men's socks. I think I might be nuts.

Now I have a couple of days of respite to relax, do laundry, get a pediacure (thank goodness) and pack my bags again. My sister is getting married this weekend and there is much to do


T. said...

Time away is so darned important - Punk's favorite place in the world is "Jaz-per".

Looks like you had an awesome trip.
Good for you.

Donna Lee said...

Those are the best kind of vacations, quiet and family-full. Men's socks are tough because they're feet are so long, or wide or long and wide. They're just bigger and take so much longer.