Monday, January 12, 2009

5 Things you probably didn't know about J.

I thought this year I'd share a few tidbits about Miss J. today. We can call it J. Trivia.

1. J. is a singer. Not of the singing in the shower or the car variety. She's good. She has even sang in a famous venue in NYC.

2. J. is a dancer. Not of the speaker-dancer-in-a-bar variety either. She's good. She's traveled the world as a dancer.

3. J. is a pianist. Not of the chopsticks variety. She's good. She's even composed some of her own material - yes it's true.

4. J. is an avid baker. Even though she claimed this Christmas she wasn't going to do Christmas baking, I still received some of her wares. Word has it she constructed a pirate ship for her Dude's birthday (just 2 days ago). She's good.

5. J. is a birthday girl today. 29 years young, again. Let us all join in a big round of applause for a year of many accomplishments - knitting and otherwise.


Luch said...

Happy Birthday J!

catknip said...

Happy Birthday J! I wish you all the best!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday J :o)

Amanda said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday 2 days ago J (I'm behind on my blogs)

I am very very impressed by all the things I didn't know about you. Not surprising- - you *are* pretty fabulous.

andi said...

Wow. So many things I still don't know about J. You are so accomplished it takes every part of my jealous being not to hate you just the tiniest bit. :)

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