Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Itch is Back

I got it again. That annoying and nagging itch. I was doing soooo well in controlling it. Taking appropriate precautions. Thinking the condition had relapsed.



It's back.

Startitis. Back to haunt me again.

I worked through my Christmas list well - got everything done on time. Heck, I even have a couple of extra projects in the gift basket that weren't given away. They're good for next year.

Then Christmas past.

And it started.

Innocently enough, as these things do. I brought out some socks from the retreat and restarted them. Then, I bought a new bright red coat and realized I had absolutely no scarf to wear with it (with all my orange and browns and greens, there was nothing in the red spectrum). Then I decided I needed mitts to go along with the new scarf and the new coat. Then I decided that I should really restart that sweater I had been working on in the fall.


It's back. I got 47 things on the needles and they're all calling my name.

And don't forget all those January birthdays.

I'm a few days into the new year and already I'm drowning in projects. I guess there could be worse things.

Now where did I put my hydrocortisone cream?? I need to soothe this itch.


Sarah said...

Goodness much happy new year business over here - love J's last post and the shawl that inspired it. Great work both of you.

As for startitis - I say let it do it's worst - they'll all get done (or frogged) eventually :o)I've found my new policy of giving in means that eventually I hit a point where I want to get some finishing done and it flips to actually working on the wips.

J. said...

January birthdays? Huh.

I've been dreaming of new projects, too.

Pass the cream.

Amanda said...

Its the best kind of itch and only requires the slightest scratch to keep it going for quite some time. Happy itching :D

Jill said...

(My birthday is January 22)