Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making it my own

This knitting gig has taught me many things - patience being the biggest (and I still have lots to learn in that department). The other thing I'm learning is to trust my instincts, and that's what I did with this little item.

My Greengable hoodie, without the hood.

The more I read about the hood on Ravelry the more I was uncertain if I really wanted one. I wouldn't say I'm the hoodie type anyway. And if I wanted to wear this sweater to work, I likely would not with a hood on it. So I took a leap, and trusted in my abilities and I winged it.

And it turned out great. I'm happy with the neck line and the collar. It feels much more like me.

I'm learning that the pattern is not written in stone, and that I'm a good enough knitter to figure it out myself.


J. said...

Very nicely done. And of course you can figure it out. Just remember what EZ had to say about that.

J. said...
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Kathleen C. said...

Everytime I see a cute sweater with a hood I wonder "could I figure out how to do that neckline without a hood?", cause I'm not a hood type girl either. And now you've given me more courage. Thanks!

catknip said...

It looks fabulous! You're an inspiration.

Amanda said...

You have done a great job. It's a beautiful sweater. And you've inspired me to give it a go someday as well.

Sarah said...

Great work - the neckline is really nice and it looks lovely on you