Friday, January 9, 2009

Burn, Baby, Burn

So I've been burning through little projects the last few days. It feels good to finish things, no matter how small they are. It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something while keeping at bay my urge to start a blanket, some cute toys, socks, maybe more lace or a sweater.

Here are a couple of pairs of girlie socks.

They serve the double purpose of increasing my sock tally (anyone up for knitting 24 pairs in 2009, by the way? Leave me a comment.) and using up stash yarn. One pair are for P1 (that's Princess the First) and the other are for her friend who will celebrate her 3rd birthday soon.

I'm also working on the Adamas Shawl in some Seasilk. It's a simple pattern and I like that you can use up any amount of laceweight you have. You simply stop when you run out of yarn. Perfect for using up some of my lingering sock yarn, don't you think?


Amanda said...

Ha, you have a score on the board! I love the colour of the shawl. I would like to join you in the sock tally but I don't think I could commit to more than a pair a month. But who knows? I might surprise myself.

T. said...

The Adamas is looking've convinced me to add it to the queue.