Monday, January 26, 2009

A Little Something While You Wait...

I'm in a bit of a pickle these days. My most recent projects are birthday presents for people who likely read (and sometimes write) this blog, therefore everything on my needles is top secret. I haven't been buying any yarn to tell you about as you have already heard.

I did join the Socks that Rock sock club this year, but the January package hasn't arrived, or I'd show it to you. I also ordered some books from Knitpicks as a little birthday gift to myself but Canada Post hasn't brought that either.

So, to distract you from the lack of real knitting content, I present the following completely unrelated items.

1. Please dash on over and let Cdnknitchick know how happy you are that she finally had her second baby, a healthy little girl.

2. Happy Chinese New Years!

3. And Happy Australia Day! (Is that the appropriate greeting for today?)

4. I am expecting a new nephew or neice. Should I knit a BSJ or a Daisy Sweater?

5. Anyone have any good recipes for Mahi Mahi?

6. Dinner is really all about the company, isn't it?

Tune in next time when we hope to have knitting to share.


SarahJanet said...

I vote Daisy, because I'm about to knit that myself. With little safari animal buttons. So cute!

Amanda said...

I like the BSJ - infinite variety. Thanks re Oz day. Oh and I do approve of your dinner guests - delightful!

T. said...

BSJ in some crazy slightly heavier sock yarn - I know you got some lying around.

No good recipes for Mahi Mahi - sorry. How about just BBQing it then putting a lovely pineapple salsa on the side?

catknip said...

I have 2 recipes: you can sear it so it's pink on th inside and cooked on the outside and serve it with a little soy-wasabi mix or roll it in crushed almonds and chili peppers. Bonnie Smart has a great recipe for burgers too which are very healthy.

I also vote for the BSJ. A classic.

burnt rain said...

I vote BSJ but I think it might be due to a slight obsession I harbour.. having never knit one but always wanted to.