Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Things Come in Small Packages

For a long time, T and I knit in isolation. We knew a few other knitters but we didn't really knit socially, if you know what I mean. One day, when we were both getting ready to head back to work after maternity leaves, we went to a local Stitch and Bitch. It was intimidating. We didn't know anyone. We thought we'd be less talented, less knowledgable, less knitters. Turns out we were wrong.

At one of the first SnBs we attended, we met Andi. Funny how these things begin. We noticed that she was pregnant and talk naturally turned to children. Did she have any other kids? What was she knitting for the little one? That first conversation over calmari sparked a friendship that is very dear to we at Baadmedicine Industries.

Andi has become a regular in our knitting get togethers. Her giggle makes most meetings more enjoyable. Her dry sense of humour and extensive understanding of the internet and pop culture in general are always appreciated. She got me through the dark months of this winter when I was struggling to care for a toddler and a newborn. She drove across the city in the dead of winter, running the risk of getting lost, just to keep me company in my post partum state. And she brought wine. She's my kinda gal.

Spring is here. It brings green grass, buds on trees, time at the playground, and one very lucky year, it brought Andi.


T. said...

Yeah for Andi! And she keeps getting smaller and smaller.

andi said...

Jo! I'm speechless (okay, not really. You know me - for that to be true, I'd have to be unconscious). Thank you so much for this. You just made my day.

And it goes without saying, that I'm thankful every day that I lugged my very pregnant self out that day to SnB. You girls kick a$$ in more ways that I can possibly say. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

All of you are some of my favorite people. Our RKing sessions are some of my favorites.