Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's Gonna Work?


When our friend Catknip revealed that she was expecting a baby boy, we did what all knitters do. We picked up the pattern books and started planning. What would be just the right gift for a fellow knitter? For a knitter's baby?

The Blessingway Blanket from Knitalong was the perfect project for our group of Rogue Knitters. T. and I tackled the end pieces. They were identical and so it was a fitting that we should knit the bookends.

Jill knit cables for the first time and did a lovely job.

Andi knit, frogged, knit, frogged and knit her way into the blanket.

Lauren was the cabley centre panel that held us all together.

Pieced together and sewn with love.

And in the end, a thing of beauty for our dear friend and her new baby boy.


T. said...

We're not too big and we're not too tough, but when we work together we got the right stuff.
Go Wonderpets!

andi said...

Two things are clear:
1)You all rock! Thanks for including me as part of this project. It turned out so well.

2)We watch far too much Wonderpets to maintain healthy sanity levels.

Amanda said...

Brilliant! Fabulous knitting and a wonderful gift.

Anonymous said...

It turned out so well!

Sarah said...

How lovely!