Saturday, April 11, 2009

Princess the First

Today, in the middle of your 3rd birthday party, you ran up to me and gave me a hug. You told me that you had forgotten to thank me for your cake and your party.

I don't know how you turned out the way you did. I'm not sure where you learned to kiss your friends gently on the cheek. No one taught you how to run with complete abandon into the arms of someone you love. You make up stories and read books for hours.

So here you are. Bright. Pretty. A little bit sassy. Sometimes a caring and thoughtful big sister. Sometimes pushing your bounds. Sometimes all sweetness and sometimes stomping your feet in stubborn outrage.

And you are mine for a little while longer. One day, you'll be an even bigger girl who thinks that I am trying to ruin her life with rules. You might even hate me. But today, you remembered to thank your Mommy for "the best birthday party ever."

I love you, Sweetpea. Many happy returns of the day.


T. said...

I saw the hug moment - that's the best feeling in the world. She's a pretty great kid.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Baby.

(1 pair socks done, 920 yds out)

Amanda said...

Aw, what a honey! Happy birthday Princess.

Finally some yardage to go out (Rusted Root and a pair of socks) 1270yds.

catknip said...

What is the cake? It looks superb! Happy birthday princess.

J. said...

It's a castle cake that I had to make twice as it didn't turn out of the pan the first time. Sigh.

andi said...

I'm bawling. So, you've gotten your revenge, J. I pronounce you the new Queen of Emotional Ipecac.

Happy belated birthday, to the sweet kiddo. Here's hoping Ava's third year isn't the beginning of adolescence as it was for some other sweet, yet sassy girl we both know.