Monday, August 27, 2007

Bella Tuscany! Bravo! Encore! Bravo!

Well - it's complete. The Tuscany made it's debut on Saturday night. I must say - it had a wonderful night out. It does need to be reblocked as I only finished it Sat at around 2pm and had it on my shoulders by 6pm. Not really enough time to block it out. It now smells like smoke as we went to a casino - so it's currently airing out. Once that is complete, I will re-block and then I'm sure the smell of the sea will return. It is truly, truly the nicest piece I've ever made.

For the encore, the Hanami will be started this week. Hopefully. There were some yarn-related issues. I had originally wanted a gold Hanami, but was unable to find anything that I really liked. The chrome Zephyr I originally ordered was far too yellow. So I surfed and pondered and surfed some more. I finally decided on some Chewy Spaghetti laceweight in a greeny-browny type blend. I wear a lot of green so I thought this was a good choice, and different from my other shawl colours. We'll see. It hasn't arrived yet and considering the KAL starts this week, it's cutting it tight.

The problem for me right now is volume. The volume of yarn I want to get through by Christmas. The thought of another shawl for me seems, well, very selfish. I feel my whole knitting addiction is very selfish anyway. It's time for me, away from kids, house responsibilities, and annoyances. The very act of knitting is purely for me. No one else. So when I knit something for me, I feel doubly selfish. Especially something so, well let's be honest, useless as a very lacy shawl. Sure it's beautiful and I'll be proud of it, but it really serves no purpose.
Ok, enough self-deprecation. I did have a busy day. I opened T's Funny Farm. 5 children and 1 slightly incapable caregiver (that's me).

There were board games.

There were cars (I live with 3 boys, cars are everywhere).

There was a lot of love,

and a little bit of High School Musical (oh, it's cute).

I even got a little knitting done (the big kids liked entertaining the little ones!!). A few more rows and a couple of feet and this baby's done!!!

All I need is a baby to put into them!!


J. said...

Knit, T., knit!

Go, Baby, go!

I don't think knitting is selfish. It is something that you enjoy doing and is very much a part of you. And I can attest to the fact that you give a lot of knitted goods away.

Bella, T.! Encore! (Where is that MS3, anyway?)

andi said...

You finished it and didn't bring it to SnB? For shame! I want to see it in person in all of its glory. And you must let go of the selfish thing - a girl needs some things in her life that don't drive her crazy.

catknip said...

The shawl is wonderful and I'm dying to hear if you liked Normands! I hope it put both of you in the mood!

T. said...

Catknip - you really don't want the details!
We actually ended up going to Sage at the River Cree - nothing says Happy Birthday like Blackjack and Roulette!!