Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Catknip Made Me Do It

Today I was working away in my office, minding my own business when my officemate, Catknip, asks me if I'm busy. This is not a question she usually asks me, but I answered politely, No not too busy.

Oh, she says. What time is your meeting??

Again, this interest in my work alarmed me. Is she concerned about my productivity??? Is she checking up on me and reporting back to my boss??? Why this sudden interest in my not so interesting work?

I answer: 2pm, why?

After much prying I realize her true intentions. Stash Enrichment. She really had to twist my arm to agree to that.

I came back with this intended for my new baby niece/nephew due in September.
She came back with, well, a lot more than that.
My excuse is Catknip made me do it. I don't know what her excuse is.

On actual finished objects, I completed my first monkey sock. It's lovely. Very lovely.
I'm concerned that it fits me. My intended recipient has much smaller feet compared to by beheamoth size 12s. They are actually meant to be sort of slipper socks, so perhaps

they'll work out ok. That remains to be seen. On to sock #2 and doubling my Christmas sock output again. (Did you see the HUGE increase in my tally from 0.25 to 0.5. I know, shocking.)


andi said...

Adorable sock. And yes, I was shocked by your sockish productivity. I will be happy to have half a pair done by Christmas. Ah, Santa. Why must he mock me every year?

J. said...

1. Where was I whan all this yarn shopping was going on? (Yes, I know I told you not to let me buy more sock yarn, but a girl can look.)

2. Good work finishing your sock. I can confirm the beginnings of sock #2 as I was there when you cast it on. I hope this one goes quicker than the first.

3. Catknip needs her own blog, don't you think? I'd read it. (You can tell her I said that.)

4. Are you still gonna buy me that knitting bag in Calgary? I promise to eat my veggies while you're away. I promise I'll even get some work done. (It'll be easier without worrying about whether or not you've bought laceweight.)

catknip said...

In my defense I did ask about you J! But I was told Eva would be napping and not having any human children of my own I had to take T's word for it. Oh, and all the stories I've heard about Ewe Asked for It are true.