Monday, August 13, 2007

Struggling with Monogamy

I've been married to my knitting for the last 6-7 years. Our relationship has grown steadily, but has always had a bad side. My inability to maintain monogamy - of any sort, to any project. It's definitely me, it's not the knitting. I have always said that I suffer from some manageable, adult form of ADHD, but it's never been more apparent than in my knitting (or reading... but we'll leave that one for now).

If I'm to be truly honest, I would say I have 7 (I think) - things on the needles right now. Yep, seven. Some things have been on their needles for years (yes, years.). Others are socks which I just keep stashed here and there to work on a stitch or two when I get a chance (like in the car, when I'm driving and stuck in traffic - don't tell my husband). So those things move very slowly.

As a polygamist, I've noticed that nothing really advances. And this makes me start something new out of frustration of not completing anything. Therefore, I never complete anything, because I'm always starting something new.

So, I'm saying it here, and I'm saying it now. I will not start anything new until my Tuscany shawl is complete. You heard it here. I said it, and I will now hold myself to it. I'm asking for your help (that means you J.) to keep me an honest monogamist. I will not cast on that beautiful skirt from Handmaiden, or the new Koigu that J. picked out for me. I will not start a baby sweater for my new neice or nephew, even though I can't wait to see the Baby Surprise Jacket take shape. I'm will be a monogamist!!

(anyone got some spare yarn and needles I can borrow....need to cast something on....don't tell J.)


Mrs. Mu said...

I'm the opposite - very strict monogamist with my knitting. THe one time I had two projects on the go, I felt very nervous and stressed out until I finished one.

T. said...

Mrs. Mu - I aspire to this! Really I do.

J. said...

I'm on to you, Honey. What are you gonna be knitting tonight? A little Tuscany? The sooner you finish, the sooner you can start something else.

Lauren said...

Monogamy is boring. Cast on the beautiful skirt!!!

andi said...

I'm a monogamist, but aspire towards polygamy because monogamy is pretty boring. Right now the thought of having more than one project on the go makes me super anxious, though. I must work on embracing the polygamous lifestyle. Any advice?