Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why I'm a Bad KAL Host...

1. I appears that I have 'misplaced' my Hanami Pattern. This can be attributed to my very rudimentary filing system (ie. there isn't a filing system).

2. I still don' t have yarn. This isn't entirely my fault. I didn't like the first color of yarn I ordered (ok, that's my fault), so I ordered some more which hasn't arrived yet (not my fault - that one is on Canada post). I guess if I had made a yarn decision prior to last week, maybe it would have arrived on time (ok, it's mostly my fault).

3. Haven't even looked for beads. There is a nice bead store in town which I'd like to check out, and I'm off work this week. However, the thought of taking my 3 year old, and even more frighteningly, my 1 year old, there is too much for me to handle.

4. There's no way I'll be casting-on with the group. So, not only do I not have yarn, beads or pattern, I am leaving town tomorrow for a few days. Therefore, even if my yarn arrives tomorrow, I won't get it till Monday.

This is why I keep J. around. She's a good KAL host. She has yarn, beads and pattern. She has even cast - on in preparation for the launch on Friday - so she can show everyone what to complete the first week. Again, this is why I keep her around. There are many other reasons why I keep her around: comic relief, keeping me sane, supporting my yarn habit, supporting my shoe habit, making sure I don't cast on anything else, etc etc. Plus she is a super-duper cool blogger. Yeah she rocks!


J. said...

You wouldn't get your yarn til Tuesday. Monday is a holiday.

Otherwise, you're a pretty good host. You set up the site and do a lot of knitter management. That's worth something.

BTW, I cast on. Someone has to lead the charge.

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Don't feel to bad, t. I think there will be lots of us Hanami kal-er's who will be starting late right along with you (hmmm, ask me how I know this?!?)

Cary at Serenity Farms