Thursday, June 19, 2008

February in June

I'm pretty tired tonight. Working and answering endless "whys" and making a kid are really taking their toll this week. Fortunately, I've had knitting and a little show called "So You Think You Can Dance?" to keep me from losing it completely.

I cast on this little number on Monday just before SnB and yesterday, I made it to the pattern section. Knitting with Cascade 220 is great! You see your results quickly and it's a pleasant and financially responsible knit. (Especially when certain yarn dealers have big sales.)

Hope you've got more energy than I do and that your knits fly off your needles as quickly as mine have lately.

(T., I hear they're doing a Canadian version of SYTYCD. I can't wait to see your tryout next year.)


andi said...

But why, J, why? ;)

Sounds like you need a drink. (Heh. Forgot who I was talking to for a minute - I guess it will have to wait until October).

T. said...

Yes, why?? why? why?
Oh - and I'm not sure when that stage ends...we're still in it.

And I'll be perfecting my dance moves as soon as I can walk without looking like I'm 94 years old.

Jill said...

Come on now T, you'll be healed with LOTS of time to try out!

And J, Reality TV?? Really?


catknip said...

I LOVE that show! It's great for knitting.

J. said...

And they've got the craziest costumes!

catknip said...

Especially Cat Deeley! Sometimes her dresses are so.weird.