Sunday, June 1, 2008

Two Nights in Toronto: Part One

As T. mentioned, I was in Toronto earlier this week on a yarn trip, I mean, conference. It was a two day seminar about intensive therapy of diabetes and an excellent excuse to get away for a couple of days with the Dude. As always, many thanks to my Mom, who did the bulk of the Princess sitting.

We flew out Wednesday morning from Edmonton. I have to say, a 3.5 hour flight makes for excellent knitting time. I had a chance to do a little light reading and finish up a pair of socks that had been lingering.

The Dude and I were staying at a hotel in the downtown area which made for some good sightseeing walks. When we arrived, we checked in and then headed out on Yonge Street which is apparently the longest street in the world but mostly an excellent place to shop. I bought a pair of (hopefully) comfortable shoes to wear to my sister's wedding in August.

We just sort of wandered around and found ourselves in Old Toronto. We bought some fruit at the St. Lawrence Market and headed back to the hotel. Normally on a trip like this, we would have stopped for a beer. And it would have tasted really great. Sigh. Only 4 more months.

After a brief rest at the hotel (the Dude totally fell asleep but he denies it), we went in search of supper and perhaps a little yarn. We ate at a French restaurant in Kensington Market that serves horse tenderloin. Neither of us were brave enough to try it. Somehow eating a horse is very different than a cow. I'm not sure why. After a lemon tart that was not too sweet and very light, we managed to find Lettuce Knit. On their Knitting Night. This was really something. I was hoping to do a bit of shopping and maybe cast on for some new socks but as soon as I stepped in the door, I knew that wouldn't be happening. The whole store was lined with folding chair, each holding a knitter. Ok, so the store isn't huge, but that many young energetic knitters is quite a sight. I was given a chair and got to meet a couple of delightful ladies. Julia was whipping up a new phone cozy was recently out of a job (good luck with the hunt) and Megan was making a February sweater out of some Noro sock yarn for Baby #3 due in 8 weeks. I was trying very hard to do a crochet cast on for my May STR but after 4 attempts, I gave up. There was too much to look at and the Dude was waiting very patiently outside. I bought some STR Silkie in one of the Raven colorways that was conveniently being displayed next to me and we called it a night.

More tomorrow.

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