Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Warm Yarn-y Thoughts

It has been said time and time again about the amazing nature of knitters. We are a strong spirited community of good hearted people.

This community has sent me warm wishes from Sweden, the UK, Australia, the US and just down the street. In the form of good thoughts, blog notes and cakes.

And I just want to say thank you. Thank you, thank you.

You are some good good people.

Thank you.

(and I'm well. Bored, tired, sore, but all in all well)


Donna Lee said...

I have marvelled at the wonderfully generous nature of most knitters I have had the pleasure to know. It doesn't matter if they're efriends or face to face friends. I've never met a knitter who, when faced with someone who innocently states she has an interest, will not not whip out some needles and yarn and launch into a lesson right then and there!

Jill said...

Still thinking about you! I hope your not going completely out of your tree!
Need any lovin' from Make1??

T. said...

Thanks Jill - I would love to send you a list....however, after the cashmere I just bought from Beehive in Victoria, I am seriously on a diet. I wish you an excellent trip though!!

andi said...

Cakes? There was cake and I missed it?

Metta said...

It must be something special with knitting friends. I have never experienced anything like it before. The best thing I have ever done is when I started blogging, making comments and getting comments. So many new friends I have got during this last year.

I read that J`s next project probably would be The February Lady Sweater and today I learned that someone has started a February Lady Sweater KAL here in Sweden. As I am in for all kinds of challenges I have joined.

J. said...

Metta, are you going to knit the February Lady's Sweater, too? We can have our own knitalong!

T., you're not getting any warm wishes from me here. My daily calls to check on the status of daytime TV will have to suffice.