Monday, September 7, 2009

Challengers and Enablers

Some of the work I do at my day job focuses on identifying Challengers and Enablers that people believe help/hinder them from doing their job (does that make any sense? If not....skip ahead).

I often find myself doing the same thing at home - what things are enabling me to cook dinner tonight (a full fridge, docile children)? What things are preventing me from having a relaxing evening (no beer in the fridge, children who refuse to sleep)?

With the current project I'm working on, I've already identified some properties that are keeping me from progressing and other things that are keeping me on track.

1. The changes in yarn colouration - the DIC Classy is gorgeous yarn. Soft, interesting colour changes and knits up beautifully. However each skein is very different in colour. So I've spent some time trying to figure out what is the best skein to use next, what skeins should be save for the arms, and how best to hide the colour changes.

2. Company - we had company for the long weekend. Friends we wish desparately lived down the street rather than 3 hours down the highway. We had an amazing time with them. I did not, however, knit the whole time they were here (I blame all the food and drink....).

3. Stocking stitch boredome. Self-explanatory. I'm currently in StSt hell.

1. The yarn. As previously stated - gorgeous. Soft. Lofty.

2. The pattern - Kate Gilbert is on a whole different level. There are some designers who you just have to stand back and say wow - that is some talent. Kate is in the group.

3. Jo. Knowing that my dear dear friend knits like a fiend (she's faster than fast, quicker than quicker) and just trying to stay within the same ball park as her is good motivation.

I'm soldiering on.


Amanda said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous!

J. said...

Very nice! It's so interesting seeing yours in a colour that is very you. Mine is a very J colour and it looks quite different and yet the same. I can't wait for the photo shoot.

And I think we've probably done about the same amount of knitting. Don't stress.

Sarah said...

At least you have a balance between the two! Looking great so far.

andi said...

Let me guess - I'm a definite 'challenger' when it comes to you getting anything accomplished at your day job. ;)

The sweater looks amazing!