Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Love / Hate

I hate....


....knitting the second sleeve. out my garden at the end of the season.

I love....

....warm fall days.

....leaves falling.

....deciding my Christmas knit list has 1 item. If it gets done then I'll move on to the secondary list. boys. All 3 of them.


J. said...

Here here on the Escalades. What's with those things?

And good for you for setting priorities. Once you say to yourself that it's ok to only knit only beautiful thing for Christmas, it takes off a lot of the stress and guilt.

Sarah said...

Lovely photo of your guys.

Hmmm one big bit of giknitting rather than endless items, hmmm I like your strategy - this year I'm still flailing around with mutiple things but this may have to be the last year of this!

Luch said...

I'm just starting my mom's (same as yours) cardigan! Swatch done, needs wash/blocking and then some math and we're off! I'd love to see hear about your progress as you go.

Amanda said...

I hate moving! But I love all the tulips and other spring bulbs in the new garden.
One item on the Christmas list sounds good!