Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Postman Always Rings Thrice

Yesterday was an interesting day. All the little people I know seemed to be grumpy and out of sorts. This, naturally, makes all the big people grumpy and out of sorts. Fortunately for me, I got 3 packages in the mail. (I know. That never happens.)

The first was my September installment of the Rocking Sock Club. This month, the yarn is inspired by the colour of river rocks and the designer is Cat Bordhi.
I will be casting on these beauties as soon as I finish what's on my needles. Now that the weather is cool, I'm back to wearing wool socks.

Later in the afternoon, the girls and I checked the mailbox on the way home from the park. One package contained a new book of sock patterns from Cat Bordhi.

This one is already blowing my mind and I have only had a few moments to flip through it. All I know is you measure your foot, use life lines and have to cut your knitting on EVERY SOCK.

The other was a package of yarn that I acquired from a Ravelry friend. Four beautiful skeins of sock yarn.
(And yes, the red one IS Wollmeise. I can hardly believe it myself.)


T. said...


I may have bought you a present today......

And how is the Wollmeise??

J. said...

I'm scared to touch it. The hype has gotten to me. I'm in awe.

Amanda said...

Oh what bliss! Lots of sock fun awaits you.