Friday, September 18, 2009

Give myself some credit

I ran into a neighbour today out shopping. She too was looking for some new winterwear and obviously shops at the same fancy stores as I do.

We were chit chatting about the school and after school activities and how September sucks the life out of mothers. Then she said "I just don't know how you do it all Teri". And I laughed. My neighbour - the uber-mother of 4 is surprised by my schedule? Everyday I see her I wonder the same thing, how does she do it all?

We look at our neighbours and catch these small snippets of their life. We see them getting into their cars, going for walks and chasing children in their yard. But these are just little glimpses into their reality. Just like they only know about my life from what they see (mostly me scurrying to and from the car with the kids in tow). And when we catch these windows into our neighbours lives we often underestimate what we are doing. The lovely person across the street always seems to have it together, she must me an amazing mom. I've only ever seen the lady around the corner with a smile on her face, she must have it all together.

And they look back and me and see the same thing.

Maybe sometimes I should try and see what they see.


Luch said...

Lovely post are awesome! And I love JOE too. =)

J. said...

Super post. Super store. Super Mom.

Sarah said...

Oh yes - even non Moms do this too - everyone else looks like they're coping so much better!